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Clash of Rage

As far as one can remember, Elves always dominated the world. They are condescending and quite full of themselves. But their time is drawing to an end as decline looms over their kind. From the Bohorg tribe to the Steamfield Barony, along with the Godleif clan and the Army of the Tomb, every clan is secretly arming itself to conquer the elven cities and the precious crystals they hold to forge the powerful legendary equipment and take the Emerald Empire back! How does it work? Clash of Rage is a confrontation and skirmish game. You play one of the 4

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The world as we knew it has been destroyed by a full-scale war on the last water resources. 4 tribes have taken shelter underground and struggle to survive. Their only hope is the “Convoy”, a traveling organization looking for Survivors worthy enough to join the secret submarine cities, humanity’s only hope of long-term survival.   How does it work? Each round is split in two phases: the Day and the Night. During the Day, send your heroes in a post-apocalyptic world to gather resources. You need to move your meeples on the main board, using simple movement rules. Think well

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The new archipelago of Ilôs awaits you, with its virgin islands full of resources. Move your ships, build exploitations and raise the prices of the right resources to become the richest merchant! How does it work? Ilôs is a game of hand of cards optimization, meeples placement and resources management. The rules are easy to learn, but the game has depth and needs strategy and tactics. The players discover the islands of the archipelago little by little, and settle to produce spices, pigments, ebony or gold. Although all the settlements are visible, the resources you’ve earned are hidden. You can

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Hunting season has started in the little land of the Grumpfs ! In this game, you have to cooperate to catch the biggest animals. But be carefull, only the smartest and the fastest tribe will collect the trophies! How does it work? Each player has 8 grumpf token with different strength. When the game starts, everybody hunt by placing their tokens as fast as possible on the different boards in the center of the table. The players who finish first shout to stop the game. Then we look at the board to see if the conditions to hunt the animals


Huns is a game where you try to be the next Khan, ruler to the Huns. Perform rewarding raids, resist plagues, recruit powerful mercenaries, collect equipments, discover wonderful treasures or plunder available resources to become the greatest leader ever known! How does it work? Huns is a game of dice drafting. When it is your turn to play, you will have to choose a die among others. The dice that will remain will be available for your opponents. Will you choose what you need the most, or what you don’t want to give to your opponents? After picking a die,

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10′ to Kill

Ten minutes, it is pretty short when you have to eliminate 3 targets under the noses of your opponents. However, it can feel pretty long when all eyes are on you! 10′ to kill is a game of deduction, movement and stealth. Who will be the best hitman of the town? How does it work? There are 16 characters on the board, and every player has a secret hitman among them. Try to eliminate your targets discretly, and to figure out who the other hitmen are before they get rid of you! Specifications From 2 to 4 players 14 years